Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Ok so i'm on day 2 of sitting at home being bored out of my mind because i have tonsillitis
here are some + sides to having tonsillitis: not leaving the house means using no petrol driving anywhere, no smoking means better lungs and less money spent on that habbit.. i cant think of any more good things about having tonsillitis
here are the down sides: my troat feels like i have been raped in the mouth by a black man, i can't swollow, i can't eat anything other than soup, rice pudding and ice - cream and i'm really fucking bored of them now, my neck is swollen and looks stupid, i should be in exam sessions at college finishing off the huge pile of things i need to do before i finish in a few weeks and finally i think i have watched every episode of top gear on Dave.
and also i'm sick of people on facebook talking about reading fucking festival, yeah, we've all been, facebook status' about it are not needed every 5 minutes.
rant over, heres another photo

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