Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Surreal Walk

This evening played host to an interesting walk with Fred 'Bird Man' Cox and Ben Duncan. With no idea where we were going we took an adventure down chalky footpaths which lead us to some strange hunting setup in the woods. After exploring for a little we came across about four birds all in different cages which where only about 2ft square obviously trapped in there. On closer inspection we found dead bird reminds inside the cages. Fred turned into an animal cruelty activist and set them free which I guess was the moral thing to do. After more exploring we decided to head back to the car, as we started walking a jeep appeared in front of us down the track. We shit it to say the least but the guy inside just told me to not park where I was again as he wouldn’t be able to get his tractor through the gate. He then proceeded to drive towards the bird cages. The next two minutes where spent running like Usain Bolt back to the car to avoid being caught and put in a cage to eat each other for the rest of our lives. The end.

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